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Lalennox - This new web project derives from a 'transatlantic friendship' between Erin (based in the US), and Kinga (from Hungary), who have combined their talents to produce this clean cut, easy to navigate, site. Featuring the latest news, packed full of photos, stills, wallpapers, ads (many rare and hard to hard), and chords to some of Annie's songs - transcribed by Kinga herself, there are some original features that make this impressive site really stand out from the crowd.*****

Kinga's Hunglish Annie Lennox Webpage - The first (and probably only) Hungarian / English website devoted to Annie - hence the 'Hunglish' title, created to increase the exposure of Annie Lennox in the country. Lovely, easy to use interface and attractive design make this a pleasure to look at. Webmaster Kinga, has obviously put a lot of effort into this site which features lyrics, desktop themes, reviews and a huge collection of video captures. A must see! *****

AnnieLennox.de - German based site run by Ino Hillert (of ethrill.net), and partially supported by BMG. Plenty of content including lots of information about Annie's latest album Bare, along with concert photos and reviews. *****

Bare Annie mini-site - Maintained by Vibber of Eurythmistan fame, this side project is one of the best places to go for the latest news on Annie's solo projects. With news and reviews. *****

Robert's Annie Lennox Page - Again, Robert treats us to various pics from the world of television - this time focusing on Annie herself. ****1/2

The Annie Lennox Homepage - A nicely designed website devoted to the diva. One of the first on the Internet (if not the original), it has now been closed by its owner but you can still view the content from the archives, which is still worth a look. ****1/2