Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart has had a huge impact on the life of Annie Lennox and deserves as much recognition for his contributions to the music of the Eurythmics. Together, they have formed the most successful male/female duo in music and their success continues to this day.

Born September 9th in Sunderland, England, 1952, Dave has often been described as 'cutting edge' but one things for sure, and it's that he's undoubtedly unique.

A successful producer, Dave has worked with the Best including Aretha Franklin on 'Who's Zoomin Who' (1985) and Tom Petty's 'Southern Accents' in the same year.

After the Eurythmics' split, Dave Stewart formed the 'Spiritual Cowboys' and released two albums. Unfortunately however, they would largely go unnoticed and for a while it seemed as if he was living in the shadow of Annie after the success of her own album 'Diva' - released to critical acclaim.

In 1995, Dave tried to go it alone and released his debut solo effort in 'Greetings From The Gutter' - to moderate sales.

Most recently, Dave has continued working as a successful producer, tried his hand at directing and of course, helped reform the Eurythmics.