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Wigs. Evening dresses. Men's suits. Old plastic bags. Lashings of make-up. Even false moustaches. Annie Lennox has worn them all during her stints with The Tourists and the Eurythmics. Dave Rimmer listened as she looked through a pile of old photos and gave a guided tour through her ever-changing image...

"This is a very early one, circa '79. It was when I first dyed my hair blonde (naturally it's mousey!). Everything I'm wearing is from Oxfam and thrift stores." "This was when The Tourists were starting to get a bit psychodelic. I was always looking for big, dangly earrings like Bet Lynch wears. My earring era." "Probably the last photo session that the ill-begotten group The Tourists ever did. My hair was getting long : pre beehive. I got all the gear from markets and stuff.
"This was from the last Tourists tour. I want to point out that Mari Wilson wasn't the first with a beehive. It doesn't quite come up to her standard but it's close." "The very first Eurythmics photo-session. Here I was stilll growing my hair and had just dyed it red. It's my softer Germanic look." "This is from the first Eurythmics video, 'Never Gonna Cry Again'. I wanted to look like a tragic queen, who'd lost her kingdom or not found a partner at the ball."
"This was never printed because we decided that people would use them in a sexy sort of way. Sort of a modelly-looking shot. I don't think it worked really." "This was a previous incarnation of the Eurythmics. That's a classic shirt dress and it's all sort of mannequin-ish looking. Not like Kraftwerk, more like Burtons." "A load of old garbage. I have a torn plastic bin bag tied around me, some fairy lights and a bra bought at Marks & Spencers and dyed purple."

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