Biography Part 1

(Above) Annie with her Parents.

Annie Lennox was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, 1954. Making her even more special was the fact that she was born on Christmas Day. An only child, her mother, Dorothy, was a cook and her father, Tom, a boilermaker.

Her parents were supportive of her interest in the Arts - especially poetry, music and drawing. Her great promise in these subjects was recognised by the Aberdeen School for Girls which she attended from the age of four.

During her time in education, Annie learned to play the piano, flute, and also sang in the choir. She would go on to play in symphony orchestras and military bands and attended the dance classes of Marguerite Feltges who, interestingly, introduced pupils to a form of Greek Dance known as 'Eurhythmics'!

Although Annie was especially good at 'being musical', her teachers could be unsympathetic towards her as she was not as good at more academic subjects such as maths. However, they would still make the effort to praise her other more obvious artistic talents.

During her teenage years, Annie gained an interest in motown music - listening to the sounds of The Supremes and Marvin Gaye. An interesting statement she made of this time was when she attended a party and was given the opportunity to DJ for the night. She decided to play A Whiter Shade Of Pale repeatedly, because it always went down a storm, and of course, Annie later covered this track on her Medusa album many years later!