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Release Date : March 1995
Formats & Release Dates : Vinyl ; Unknown Cassette ; (03/95) CD ; 03/95.
Chart Placing : #1 (UK) #11 (US)

The much anticipated follow up to 'Diva' showcased no new material from Annie, who decided instead, to do an album devoted to covers of her favourite songs. The album was also released as a Special Edition featuring tracks from Lennox's 'In The Park' concert from New York. Some releases include a bonus track (in the same vain as 'Diva') with 'Heaven' being added.

Track Listing :
1) No More 'I Love You's' *
2) Take Me to the River
3) A Whiter Shade of Pale *
4) Don't Let It Bring You Down
5) Train in Vain
6) I Can't Get Next to You
7) Downtown Lights
8) Thin Line Between Love and Hate
9) Waiting in Vain *
10) Something So Right *

Special Edition Bonus CD Includes The Live Tracks :
Money Can't Buy It
Legend in My Living Room
Who's That Girl
You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart
Little Bird
Walking on Broken Glass
Here Comes the Rain Again
Something So Right (Studio Version)

* NB. Those tracks that are starred were released as singles and you can click for further information about these track releases.