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Name :
Waiting In Vain
Release Date :

30th September 1995
Chart Placing :
#31 (UK)

The 3rd track to be taken from 'Medusa'. Also available on promo and rumoured to be available on 12". 1 Limited Edition CD features 4 photographs.

Track Listing(s) :

(BMG ) Waiting in Vain (Single Mix) / Train In Vain (T's Mix) / Train in Vain (Dan's Monster Club Mix) / Train in Vain (Guru Mix) (CD)

(BMG ) Waiting in Vain (Single Mix) / No More I Love You's' (Junior's Club Mix) / Waiting in Vain (Strong Body Mix) / Interview Excerpts (Annie Lennox Talks About Her Medusa Album (CD Featuring 4 Postcards)

N.B. The single was also released in Australia (BMG ) amongst others.