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Annie has been on a spree of late promoting her latest record, The Annie Lennox Collection (see discography) containing choice cuts from her solo career to date. Recent UK TV appearances have included: Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, GMTV, This Morning and The Paul O'Grady show (amongst others). Most of her TV appearances included an interview and a live performance with "Shining Light", her latest single, taking centre stage. An exception was Comic Relief, for which she performed a cover of "Lean on Me".

Combine all of this with a successful signing at HMV music store in Oxford St, London, and the hard work was rewarded with a number 2 album chart placing in last week's official music charts. Congratulations to Annie and her team!

The promotional tour is set to continue I hear, with various stops in Europe and Australia - so keep those eyes peeled!

Other tidbits of news:

Check out a profile and exclusive video interview with Annie Lennox here. (Source: Matt Vella, Editor of


Today saw Annie's tireless crusade to make a difference in Africa and specifically the HIV/AIDS pandemic, continue with a visit to the Body Shop in London, in order to promote the physical release of "Sing" (see former news below for more details on this).

The general copies (including a picture disc version) will be released in a week's time in various outlets including HMV, but for now you can obtain a copy at The Body Shop and also online at the song's official website here (so nobody has an excuse NOT to buy the single!). As Annie rightly says, it is essential that we don't ignore the issues and importantly, "get involved" - however small the contribution.

Around 300 people attended today (despite the risk of a hurricane!) and got the chance to meet the iconic woman in-person.

View her thank you message here.

In addition, there have been several articles recently published in support of the key release and an appearance on the Andrew Marr show (BBC). I will be updating the multimedia section with information in due course, but until then, check out the following links:

Times Online International
United Press International article
The Times
Hello Magazine
The Telegraph
(source of picture, above)


Today is WORLD AIDS DAY, and in support Annie Lennox will be singing at the annual 46664 concert at Ellis Park, South Africa.

46664 is the African response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and, every year, ambassadors in support of the cause spread the word worldwide.

The concert will be aired on SABC TV in Africa and around the world on CNN, T5M, Reuters, APTN and BBC Worldwide. But others with access to the Internet can watch the concert online here from 10:30am CST (4:30pm GMT).

"Sing", one of the stand-out tracks from Annie's latest album "Songs of Mass Destruction" is also released today via itunes, then from other online sources on the 3rd December. The song will be a download-only single, with no physical release. It is hoped that the single release will add further exposure to this most important of issues and is available in the following versions:

1. Sing - radio edit
2. Moto Blanco club 8.34
3. Dean Coleman club 6.52
4. Harry Choo club 8.24
5. Moto Blanco dub 8.24
6. Harry Choo mix show 5.30
7. Dean Coleman radio 4.19
8. Moto Blanco radio 3.32
9. Harry Choo radio mix 3.57

Annie is supported by a backing choir of some of the World's leading female artists, including: Anastacia, Angelique Kidjo, Beth Gibbons, Beth Orton, Beverley Knight, Bonnie Raitt, , Celine Dion, Dido, Faith Hill, Fergie, Gladys Knight, Isobel Campbell, Joss Stone, KD Lang, KT Tunstall, Madonna, Martha Wainwright, Melissa Etheridge, P!nk, Sarah McLachlan, Shakira, Shingai Shoniwa and Sugababes.

You can also view an an exclusive, special version of "Sing" here, with the opportunity to record your own version of the song in response to Annie's incredible message.


UK viewers should prepare themselves for what can only be described as an "Annie-fest" this weekend.

Tonight (24th), you can see Annie perform "Sisters" on "Parkinson" (ITV1 at 10.55pm), in what is to be the final series from the 72-year-old broadcaster.

On Sunday 25th at 10.45pm, "The South Bank Show" returns to UK screens. Presented by Melvyn Bragg, the long-running series will be starting its run with a focus on our favourite songstress. Find out more about the programme and its history here.

In other news, Howard Shore?s complete Oscar®-winning score for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, from the epic film trilogy The Lord of the Rings, will be available for the first time in a deluxe five-disc edition from Reprise/WMG Soundtracks November 20, 2007 onwards.

Fans will know that Annie Lennox performed the Oscar®-winning song ?Into the West? for the final film "The Return of the King".


Annie's fourth solo album has debuted in the top 10 in both the US (#9) and UK (#7) a week following its release.

She is also in the midst of her solo US tour. Regarding her first concert in San Diego, Annie said: "Thinking about last night's performance, which was solidly electrifying. It was actually only the third time we'd performed the set from start to finish, as production rehearsals only ran for two days. I have to say that I feel so fortunate and grateful for having some of the best musicians on the planet with me. We all get very excited and inspired. The house was packed, and the audience were phenomenal."

* Annie has also confirmed that she will be making an appearance at the upcoming Nelson Mandela 46664 concert on December 1st, 2007 in South Africa. She has played the event in the past as part of Eurythmics.

* Annie gave an engaging interview to a Swedish channel recently. View it here. (Source: Ino at


The terrific news of the moment is that Annie Lennox is back! I mean musically of course, with a new single and album, because regular visitors to her official Myspace page will be well aware that she's never been away. Annie has been working tirelessly on a number of causes worldwide, most recently in Africa and which culminated in her recent appearance at the "Peace One Day" concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. I urge you to visit the official website for more information and add your support to this very worthwhile cause.

Annie's long awaited new single, "Dark Road", was released on September 24 and has been followed by the sale of the album on October 1st titled "Songs of Mass Destruction" (see album cover above).

The album was recorded with producer Glen Ballard (a departure from Lennox's long time association with Steve Lipson), who is perhaps most famous for producing Alanis Morrisette's multi-platinum album "Jagged Little Pill": one of the defining albums of the 1990s. Find out more about Annie's sensational new album here.

In support of the album, Annie will soon embark on a live tour of the USA. The concert dates so far confirmed are below:


08 San Diego, CA, Civic Theatre
10 San Francisco, CA, Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium
11 Los Angeles, CA, Wilshire Theater
14 Dallas, TX, McFarlin Memorial Auditorium
16 Boulder, CO, Macky Auditorium
18 Minneapolis, MN, State Theater
19 Chicago, IL, Cadillac Palace
22 Detroit, MI, Music Hall
23 Toronto, ONT, Massey Hall
25 Washington, DC, Lisner Auditorium
28 Nashville, TN, The Ryman
29 Atlanta, GA, Cobb Energy PAC
31 Miami, FL, Carnival Center


03 New York, NY, United Palace
06 UNICEF Benefit at Cipriani Wall Street
[series subscribers only]
10 Philadelphia, PA, Merriam Theater
11 Boston, MA, Symphony Hall

More news coming soon!


First of all, welcome back!

Last year the updates to this website came once again to an end due to recurring computer problems, and my own conflicts of interest. But, like a cat, Annie-Lennox.Com has more than one life, and I think we?re on to the third proper incarnation now ? so, that means we?ve got some mileage left yet! A whole six lives in fact!

Obviously so much time has now elapsed since the last update that much of the news is no longer ?newsworthy? enough to report now. In addition, there are many great sites where you can obtain up-to-date news, including the official and the wonderful

This website is therefore unlikely to return to its regular news heyday, but I am encouraged by the thought of it being used as a forum for Annie?s messages, in the hope that they will reach a wide audience. I?d like to say that I would not publish anything here if I did not believe in the messages myself, nor think them worthwhile.

I was very much encouraged to resurrect this website as a result of Annie?s recent ?resurgent? speech.

Not only do we know Annie for her musical prowess, but over the past several years, she has become much more politically astute. She continues to be a complex individual, a strong, intelligent woman, both mother and musician (and a myriad of other things), who is greatly admired for her natural talent, but now more than ever, she provides a significant and respected voice on the world stage, especially for people without a voice, who lack the privileges enjoyed by others.

So, what follows is Annie?s powerful speech (in excerpts), in response to her invitation to speak for the 40th Anniversary of Resurgence. Visit the official website for further information about Resurgence and associated magazine at

As mentioned, the following speech is in excerpts, so to view it in its entirety (and in its correct and intended context), visit the official site here.

?Usually I?m on stage as a performer, but today I?m not going to sing, I?m going to talk, which is something I don?t usually do very much in public.

We live in complicated times. Our lives are too often overloaded with information that usually has the effect of adding to our inner stress and turmoil. We seek, but we don't necessarily find the ultimate things we long to experience ... contentment, joy, love, inner peace. The World tells us that we should be successful, rich, beautiful, famous.

In a consumer society the power of media and advertising constantly bombards us with messages and images reminding us of our ?lack? and we so often feel like failures.

Life?s condition means that at any given moment the things we value most can be swiftly taken away from us at any point in time. Our health, our safety and security, both emotionally and physically are not always lasting. The comfortable status quo cannot necessarily be maintained or guaranteed...

So we carry our anxiety and fear of loss within and around us unwittingly.

We strive for a ?better moment? than the one we are currently in, while dragging the burdens of our past into every present situation, so that we are rarely, if ever, ?here and now?.

How do we find meaning, value and connection in a society that is dislocated and in many ways dysfunctional? We have lost our sense of community, or belonging to anything much beyond our own individual circumstance. We have become voyeurs, vacuously gazing at reality TV shows and sitcoms while exhibitionists and ever new ?celebrities? grab their pot shot at 15 minutes of fame. We vicariously become engrossed with the prurient details of other people?s lives, as we compare and contrast them to our own.

We digest the endless details of mankind's abuse and exploration, while our polluted planet heats up around us. I have therefore come to the conclusion that the world is completely and utterly mad. And perhaps I am mad to have an expectation that it could be anything otherwise. But somehow I still cling to the notion that there is still come kind of intelligence, sanity, goodness, compassion, or hope somewhere on this planet.

I know there are many people who feel the same way as I do. They are everywhere ...

Positive change is happening, and we should be encouraged by this. I applaud all ...who refuse to give into pessimism in the face of what often seems like a lost cause ...

I?m proud to be here with you. To stand up and be counted as one of the lunatic idealists ... who passionately endorse the notion of the better, safer, kinder world."


One cannot cite Annie?s achievements without mentioning the influence of her long time association with Eurythmics? partner, Dave Stewart. Dave, as ever, has been ultra busy and always seems to have many exciting projects on the go, including many for worthwhile causes, including Greenpeace.

One more indulgent project he is currently involved with is his latest musical incarnation, Platinum Weird, and you can find out all about this at his official website here.


Well folks, it has been a long time but Annie-Lennox.Com is finally back!

You may be wondering why the site was constantly updated for a period of four years and then, in September of 2004, the updates came to an abrupt end. The reason was a system crash, and it has taken me this long to recover the files, passwords and software required to update the site again.

In addition, I now have a job which takes up a great deal of my time, so the website will never return to its 'heyday' of regularity, but I will endeavour to update it as often as I can.

On to the news then, and it's an exciting time for Annie Lennox fans as the Eurythmics have reformed, releasing their first new material since 1999. The latest single "I've Got a Life" has provided a welcome addition to the duo's recently released Ultimate Collection package, which entered the UK album charts' top ten with ease.

The long awaited reissues have now surfaced featuring deluxe editions of all of the Eurythmics' previous albums from In The Garden to Peace.

It is not yet known how long the reunion may last, but a possible tour has been mentioned, which would focus not just on Eurythmics but the separate work of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart (source: The Times).

Most recently, Annie and Dave have made a number of TV appearances in the UK, Europe and US.

In the UK, they were recently seen performing There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) on Parkinson, interviewed on GMTV, and were among deserving inductees into the UK's Music Hall of Fame. At the event, they performed a medley of their hits: I've Got A Life, Missionary Man and Sweet Dreams.

In the US, the duo have appeared as part of the American Music Awards, The Today Show and Jay Leno.

There will be updates coming soon to the multimedia, discography and links sections of the website, so be sure to keep coming back!


I have just received the following official statement concerning Eurythmics' long awaited album reissues (see 13.09.04 news for more about this).

"Due to problems with clearances and artist availability, it has been decided to postpone the release of the Eurythmics Ultimate Collection and all back catalogue reissues to a future date yet to be confirmed.

"BMG sincerely apologises for the lateness of this notification and for any inconvenience caused. An update on the future of this release will follow.

"Thank you for your cooperation."


* This month marks the 4th anniversary of!

To celebrate the tremendous support over the years from visitors throughout the world, I have added over 100 magazine articles and assorted press cuttings to the magazine/newspaper section of 'multimedia' - click here to go there!


* I was contacted some time ago by the charismatic R.Kelly Clipperton (left), who fronts the Canadian band, Kelly And The Kellygirls.

I am always interested in featuring artists who cover Annie/Eurythmics tracks, so I'm pleased to report that 'I Love You Like A Ball And Chain' from current album 'Swing Swing' is a good one!

Kelly said: “I've always loved the sentiment of Ball/Chain and how such a catchy song is built around very simple and repetitive chord structure.”

The song is an excellent example of how a cover should be done!

Visit his official site here for future news and touring information – it's worth it.

* Some belated (and exclusive) photos of Annie's live US performance on The Today Show from July this year, have been added to the photos section.

The performance featured 'Wonderful', 'Walking On Broken Glass' and 'Loneliness'.

* An intriguing recent interview with Annie revealed details of a new album. There have been rumours that a ‘Best Of' of Annie Lennox material may be released this year, but with so much happening with the Eurythmics back catalogue around this time, it is looking less likely that this will happen.

Read the interview in full here and make up your own mind… at the end, she hints at something exciting! (source:

* A reminder to keep visiting Sting's official here for any changes to the touring schedule.

West Palm Beach and Tampa in October, were recently amended.

There have also been rumours that Annie may be touring Australia in the future, although this is yet to be confirmed. If I hear anything more, I will of course update the news section. Click here for more.

* Please note, there are no plans for a joint tour in the UK and the rest of Europe. All of Sting's planned concerts for this territory are ‘solo' only, at this time.


The Eurythmics' long awaited album reissues are to finally see the light of day, reports BMG UK.

In the record company's most extensive album and DVD reissue campaign to date, the Eurythmics' back catalogue of eight albums will be re-released with additional tracks on November 1 2004.

Some of these tracks will simply be acoustic, mixes or live interpretations of songs originally released on singles, while others, most excitingly, will be previously unreleased.

To give you a taster, 1983's ' Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) ' album will feature a rare cover of Lou Reed's ' Satellite of Love ', while 1983's ' Touch ' album includes a previously unreleased version of David Bowie's ' Fame ', and 1988's ' Savage ' includes a rendition of the Beatles' ' Come Together '.

All albums will be packaged as deluxe 6-panel digipacks - standard jewel case versions will also be available.

Each reissue has been re-designed by Laurence Stevens of LSD, the same creative design agency responsible for all the original Eurythmics album and singles covers since the release of the Eurythmics' debut album - ' In The Garden ' (1981).

Each digipack album folds out into 6 panels and features refreshed front sleeve artwork, original single sleeves, alternative and never-before-seen artwork concepts, plus rare, previously unseen archive photographs of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.

Each album includes detailed liner notes written by long-time Eurythmics historian, Phill Savidge, all of which chronicles the duo's remarkable career in music.

There is much to highlight.

To date, the Eurythmics have accumulated 65 million record sales worldwide over almost quarter of a century, including 22 hit singles in the UK Top 30, various Brit Awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award, Grammy Awards, and multi-platinum releases around the globe.

Alongside the reissue albums will come a CD and DVD release of ' Eurythmics Ultimate Collection ', a 'Best Of' compilation of their hit singles digitally re-mastered, including one track from ' We Too are One ' (1989) and one from their last album ' Peace ' (1999).

BMG's Senior Marketing Manager, Grainne Devine, said: "Because most fans will not have purchased the original 'Greatest Hits' album on CD, the Ultimate Collection will be perceived by the majority of music buyers as the 'must have' Eurythmics singles compilation album for Christmas 2004."

The Ultimate Collection will be over 77 minutes in length and feature the following tracks:

"  Love Is A Stranger
"  Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
"  Who's That Girl?
"  Right By Your Side
"  Here Comes The Rain Again
"  Sex Crime (1984)
"  Would I Lie To You?
"  There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)
"  Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves
"  It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)
"  When Tomorrow Comes
"  Thorn In My Side
"  Miracle Of Love
"  Missionary Man
"  You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart
"  I Need A Man
"  The King And Queen Of America
"  I Saved The World Today

The confirmed reissued album track listings will be as follows:

In The Garden (1981)

1. English Summer
2. Belinda
3. Take Me To Your Heart
4. She's Invisible Now
5. Your Time Will Come
6. Caveman Head
7. Never Gonna Cry Again
8. All The Young (People Of Today)
9. Sing - Sing
10. Revenge

1. Le Sinestre
Taken from 'Never Gonna Cry Again' 7"
2. Heartbeat Heartbeat
Taken from 'Belinda' 7"
3. Never Gonna Cry Again (Live)
Taken From 'This Is The House' 12"
4. 4/4 In Leather (Live)
Taken From 'This Is The House' 12"
5. Take Me To Your Heart (Live)
Taken From 'This Is The House' 12"

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983)

1. Love Is A Stranger
2. I've Got An Angel
3. Wrap It Up
4. I Could Give You (A Mirror)
5. The Walk
6. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
7. Jennifer
8. This Is The House
9. Somebody Told Me
10. This City Never Sleeps

11. Home Is Where The Heart Is
Taken from 'This Is The House' 7"
12. Monkey Monkey
Taken from 'Love Is A Stranger' 7"
13. Baby's Gone Blue
Taken from 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' 12"
14. Sweet Dreams (Hot Remix)
Taken from 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 1991' 12"
15. Love Is A Stranger (Coldcut Remix)
Taken from 'Love Is A Stranger 1991' 12"
16. Satellite Of Love
Previously Unreleased

Touch (1983)

1. Here Comes The Rain Again
2. Regrets
3. Right By Your Side
4. Cool Blue
5. Who's That Girl?
6. The First Cut
7. Aqua
8. No Fear, No Hate, No Pain
(No Broken Hearts)
9. Paint A Rumour

10. You Take Some Lentils… And You Take Some Rice
Taken from 'Who's That Girls?' 7"
11. ABC ( Freeform)
Taken from 'Who's That Girl?' 12"
12. Plus Something Else
Taken from 'Right By Your Side' 12"
13. Paint A Rumour (Long Version)
Taken from 'Here Comes The Rain Again' 12"
14. Who's That Girl (Live)
Taken from 'Miracle Of Love' 12"
15. Here Comes The Rain Again (Live)
Previously Unreleased
16. Fame
Previously Unreleased

Be Yourself Tonight (1985)

1. Would I Lie To You?
2. There Must Be An Angel
(Playing With My Heart)
3. I Love You Like A Ball And Chain
4. Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves
duet with Aretha Franklin
5. Conditioned Soul
6. Adrian
7. It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)
8. Here Comes That Sinking Feeling
9. Better To Have Lost In Love
(Then Never To have Loved At All)

10. Grown Up Girls
Taken from 'There Must Be An Angel
(Playing With My Heart)' 7"

11. Tous Les Garçons Et Les
Taken from 'It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)' 12"
12. Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (ET Mix)
Taken from 'Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves' 12"
13. Would I Lie To You? (ET Mix)
Taken from 'Would I Lie To You?' 12"
14. Conditioned Soul (Live)
Previously Unreleased
15. Hello I Love You
Previously Unreleased

Revenge (1986)

1. Missionary Man
2. Thorn In My Side
3. When Tomorrow Comes
4. The Last Time
5. The Miracle Of Love
6. Let's Go!
7. Take Your Pain Away
8. A Little Of You
9. In This Town
10. I Remember You

11. When Tomorrow Comes (Extended Version)
Taken from 'When Tomorrow Comes' 12"
12. Thorn In My Side (Extended Version)
Taken from 'Thorn In My Side' 12"
13. Missionary Man (Extended Version)
Taken from 'Missionary Man' 12"
14. When Tomorrow Comes (Live Acoustic Version)
Previously Unreleased
15. Revenge 2
Taken from the original soundtrack to the film 'Rooftops'
16. My Guy
Previously Unreleased

Savage (1988)

1. Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)
2. I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan)
3. Do You Want To Break Up?
4. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart
5. Shame
6. Savage
7. I Need A Man
8. Put The Blame On Me
9. Heaven
10. Wide Eyed Girl
11. I Need You
12. Brand New Day

13. Beethoven (Extended Philharmonic Version)
Taken from 'Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)' 12"
14. Shame (Dance Mix)
Taken from 'Shame' 12"
15. I Need A Man (Macho Mix)
Taken from 'I Need A Man' 12"
16. I Need You (Live)
Previously Unreleased
17. Come Together
Previously Unreleased

We Too Are One (1989)

1. We Two Are One
2. The King And Queen Of America
3. (My My) Baby's Gonna Cry
4. Don't Ask Me Why
5. Angel
6. Revival
7. You Hurt Me (And I Hate You)
8. Sylvia
9. How Long?
10. When The Day Goes Down

11. Precious
Taken from 'Revival' 7"
12. See No Evil
Taken from 'The King And Queen Of America' 7"
13. King & Queen Of America (Dance Remix)
Taken from 'The King And Queen Of America' 12"
14. Angel (Choir Version)
Taken from 'Angel' 7"
15. Last Night I Dreamt The Somebody Loved Me
Previously Unavailable

Peace (1999)

1. 17 Again
2. I Saved The World Today
3. Power To The Meek
4. Beautiful Child
5. Anything But Strong
6. Peace Is Just A Word
7. I've Tried Everything
8. I Want It All
9. My True Love
10. Forever
11. Lifted

12. Beautiful Child (Acoustic Version)
Previously Unreleased
13. 17 Again (Acoustic Version)
Previously Unreleased
14. I Saved The World Today (Acoustic Version)
Previously Unreleased
15. Something In The Air Tonight
Previously Unreleased


* The 46664 Concert is now available to buy on CD and DVD formats containing the Eurythmics. See 21.11.03 news for more background info on this.

* Check out some fabulous rare photos of early Annie and Dave Stewart here.

* A Mexican date has been added to the tour. Check out the ticket section of Sting's official site here for the latest information and amendments to the list below (08.03.04 news).

* Also check out the following Yahoo article which suggests that Annie will showcase material from her most recent album, Bare, on tour, along with Eurythmics' tracks. Apparently Sting's guitarist Dominic Miller is supporting the tour according to

* Scottish newspaper, the Sunday Herald, recently featured a top 10 of the greatest Scots as voted for by readers. Annie Lennox came in tenth and predictably perhaps, the original Bond, Mr Sean Connery came out top. View the full list here.


Some exciting news follows for American and Canadian fans. Annie Lennox is going to play several concerts in the US later this year as part of Sting's "Sacred Love" tour!

It originally appeared that Annie was a 'support' act but a press release from Business Wire, suggests that she is being given equal billing. A guest has also been announced but their identity is yet to be confirmed.

In an exclusive joint phone interview with the AP on Friday, Lennox and Sting said they hadn't decided on how the tour will develop, or whether they'll sing together - but said they're happy to be performing on the same show.

In an arrangement with Sting, American Express Cardmembers will be able to purchase tickets for the Sacred Love Tour prior to the public in each city.

The first pre-sale will begin at 9am on Wednesday, March 10th, through till 5pm on Friday March 12th.

To order, Cardmembers can either call the local Ticketmaster charge by phone number or order online at or

Members of Sting's Official Fan Club will also be able to purchase tickets beginning 5pm (EST) on Monday, March 8th until 5pm on Thursday, March 11th.

Fans can also visit Sting's official site for tour, ticket and Fan Club membership information.

The following dates have been released so far, with links to official websites if possible or relevant ticket sites for the venue where applicable:

STING / ANNIE LENNOX with Guest (to be announced) SACRED LOVE TOUR 2004 - ITINERARY:

June 27 Philadelphia Tweeter Center
June 28 Boston Tweeter Center
July 01 Wantagh Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater
July 04 Saratoga Saratoga Performing Arts Center
July 05 Uncasville Mohegan Sun
July 07 Holmdel PNC Bank Arts Center
July 09 Washington DC Nissan Pavilion
July 10 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pavilion
July 11 Buffalo Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
July 13 Montreal Bell Centre
July 14 Toronto Air Canada Centre
July 16 Detroit The Palace of Auburn Hills
July 17 Milwaukee Marcus Amphitheater
July 18 Chicago Tweeter Center
July 20 Minneapolis Target Center
July 21 Kansas City Verizon Amphitheater
July 23 Indianapolis Verizon Amphitheater
July 24 St. Louis UMB Bank Pavilion
July 25 Cincinnati Riverbend Music Center
July 27 Columbus Germain Amphitheater
July 28 Hershey Hersheypark Stadium

Sept. 02 Atlanta Philips Arena
Sept. 03 Charlotte Blockbuster Pavilion
Sept. 04 Raleigh Alltel Pavilion
Sept. 06 Nashville Starwood Amphitheater
Sept. 08 West Palm Beach Sound Advice Amphitheater
Sept. 09 Tampa Tampa Amphitheater
Sept. 17 San Antonio Verizon Amphitheater
Sept. 18 Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Sept. 19 Dallas Smirnoff Amphitheater
Sept. 22 Denver Pepsi Arena
Sept. 24 Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena
Sept. 25 Phoenix Cricket Pavilion
Sept. 26 San Diego Coors Light Amphitheater
Sept. 28 Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl

Oct. 01 Los Angeles Verizon Amphitheater
Oct. 02 San Francisco Shoreline Amphitheater
Oct. 03 Concord Chronicle Pavilion
Oct. 05 Sacramento Sleep Train Amphitheatre
Oct. 08 Seattle White River Amphitheater
Oct. 09 Vancouver General Motors Place
Oct. 11 Edmonton Rexall Centre
Oct. 12 Calgary Pengrowth Saddledome

* Please note that the itinerary is subject to change, and additional cities and dates are still to be confirmed.

In other news...

* Annie has gifted a post-Oscars interview to the Scottish newspaper - the Daily Record. She talks about her Best Song win, the prospect of botox(!), and intriguingly, says she'll be making another record at some point. You can read the article here.

* The long-awaited Eurythmics remasters (see 26.09.03 news), have been delayed once again. More news to follow very soon.


In one of the highlights of her career so far, Annie Lennox received an Oscar last night for her vocal and writing contribution to Into The West from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

In her acceptance speech for the Best Song award, she thanked the Academy, the Best Director Peter Jackson for giving her the opportunity to be part of the project, co-writers Howard Shore and Fran Walsh, her assistant Tara, along with the late, great composer Michael Kamen (see 21.11.03 news), and last but not least, her mother - who passed away last year.

Annie also sang live and looked visably moved at the end of her outstanding performance. She looked nothing short of stunning and if my e-mail inbox is anything to go by (messages have flooded in), it was a proud moment for all of her fans throughout the world.

Come back soon for screen grabs from the great event.


* The auction house Cooper Owen are selling a number of music items on Feb 26. Included is a concept artwork for the Love Is A Stranger picture disc and another, sold together with a Eurythmics promo board and double-sided poster for We Too Are One (see pic). Bidders who are interested must be registered at least 24 hours beforehand. Click here for more info.

* Unfortunately Annie did not win a Best Female Solo award at the recent Brits held in London. Dido instead took the honour. However, Annie is still the most celebrated female in the ceremony's history, with seven awards to her name (as part of Eurythmics and for her solo efforts).

* A reminder that Annie is nominated for Best Song at the upcoming Oscars (see previous news for more on this). The ceremony is to be held on 29 Feb, so check local listings for availability. A performance is also planned!


Earlier this month, Annie appeared on the Jay Leno show and sang 'Into the West' from the latest Lord of the Rings film (see pic right). She is also pencilled in for an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show on the 11th Feb (check TV listings for more info).

Tonight, Annie may perform at the 46th annual Grammy awards (in which her album 'Bare' is nominated in the 'Best Pop Vocal' category), as it has been rumoured that she has been involved in rehearsal sessions (according to

Last night, Annie performed 'Why' and 'A Thousand Beautiful Things' at Clive Davis's pre-Grammy award party.


* The award nominations just won't stop rolling in for Annie Lennox as 2004 looks set to be one of her most successful years yet!

Not only has Annie been nominated for the UK Brit awards in the "Best British Female Solo" category (the show will be televised on ITV1, Feb 17th), but today it was announced that ''Into The West'' (from the Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King), is nominated for an Oscar for the Best Original Song in a Motion Picture (the song was co-written by Howard Shore and Fran Walsh).

Her album "Bare" is also up for a Grammy, and "Into the West" brought her a Golden Globe award last Sunday.

In an interview conducted by the New York Post just prior to when the Oscar nominations were announced, Annie commented: "I'm not very competitive, really." But admitted her delight at the success of the 'Rings' soundtrack: "...particularly for the adorable, delightful people who have worked on the 'Rings' movies for years. People have married, had children, lives have changed in all this time - the dedication has been astounding, admirable."

And even more exciting is the prospect that she might perform at the Oscars, she said: "I will if I can, it depends on what's happening with my daughter. It looks like fun, yes? But I'll definitely be at the Grammys!."

Saving the best until last, she continued: "You know, I have this huge catalog of music now, and I want to get out there and perform it."

Could this mean more tour dates are planned? Don't get too excited as nothing has been announced just yet, but the comments certainly suggest that she is eager to perform her work after the success of her first ever solo concert tour last year. I will announce any news as soon as I receive it.

* The track "Wonderful" (S. Kleinenberg & D. Aude Mixes), is the third remix to be taken from Bare to top the US Dance charts. "A Thousand Beautiful Things" (Rauhofer, G&D, Bimbo Jones), and previously a remix of "Pavement Cracks" also enjoyed a spell at the top. Click here for more info.


The New Year brings some hopeful news regarding the Eurythmics remasters care of US publication ICE magazine. As previously reported by Billboard in the last news update, BMG look set to release eight remastered albums on March 29th in the UK and are expected to arrive in the US shortly thereafter.

UK based project coordinator Charlie Stanford explained the delay. "It took us three months to locate all the masters. We had to go to different studios& it was a real detective job. But in the end, they were all very well preserved."

He continues, "We went to the BMG archive and pulled out everything, then cross-referenced what we found with all the known Eurythmics tracks. We then took out everything that wasnt recognized from that list, burned it onto CD-Rs and sent them to Dave to have a listen."

While Lennox participated in the project on an aesthetic level, choosing tracks and artwork, Dave Stewart delved into the vault material. He used the original multi-track recordings to restore the long-players to their full glory. See 26.09.03 news below for the track listings. (News source: Will Bueche. Elements of this info taken from Ice Magazine - Author: Kurt Orzeck).


* Annie turns 49 on December 25th 2003, so the very best wishes go out to her in advance of the special day. She was of course born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1954. An only child, her mother (Dorothy) was a cook and her father (Tom) a boilermaker. See biography section for more.

* today reported information relating to the much anticipated Eurythmics remasters (see 26.09.03 news below for more on this). "On March 29 [2004] in the U.K, BMG unveils remastered, expanded editions of eight Eurythmics albums. These albums are expected to hit North America shortly thereafter." However, the album release dates have been put back several times before, so don't take this as concrete news just yet! (news source:

* Annie was recently nominated for a Golden Globe award in the category of Original Song for Into The West - the title track from 'The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King'. The ceremony will take place on January 25th 2004. Visit the official website here for more information.

* This Christmas, UK viewers should be aware that the actress Brigitte Nielson (right) will perform as Annie Lennox in the celebrity special of Stars In Their Eyes! She will sing the Eurythmics hit 'Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves'. She said: 'Annie Lennox is amazing. She's one of a kind. I've been watching her video over and over agan, checking out her moves, and it's not easy. She added, 'I just hope Annie doesn't call me afterwards and say: "How dare you do such a thing?". I did my best and hope people will have fun with it.' You can catch Brigitte's performance on ITV1 at 9.25pm, on the 27th of December. (News source : Now magazine (UK) / Picture: Retna).


* Annie and Dave Stewart will reunite as 'Eurythmics' for a one off charity concert featuring the cream of the world's musicians later this month. The event to take place in Cape Town, South Africa, on 29th November 2003, will be broadcast on TV, radio and significantly as a live broadcast online. The massive concert to be watched by tens of thousands in attendence and millions more worldwide, will help fund the AIDS epidemic in Africa, the poorest continent on earth with around 30 million sufferers of the HIV virus. Titled '46664' (the former prison number of Nelson Mandela), the concert will benefit the Nelson Mandela Foundation's work in the country and raise awareness of the Global AIDS Fund's work globally. You can donate money and find out more information at the official website here.

* In sad news, one of Annie's long time friends - the Grammy award winning composer - Michael Kamen, died earlier this week aged just 55. He was a famous scorer of many big films such as 'Lethal Weapon' and the 'Die Hard' trilogy. Along with composing arrangements for early Eurythmics albums such as 'Touch', he led the campaign to fund The Old Vic theatre at the 'When Love Speaks' concert in London early last year (see 27.01.02 news for more information on this). I attended this event and was lucky enough to meet Michael afterwards. He was a gracious and kind man in person and will be sorely missed by family, friends and fans alike.

* The aforementioned 'Touch' was this week named as the 500th best album of all time in the Rolling Stone's list of 'legendary' longplayers. View the list in its entirety here.

* As previously reported, Annie has recorded two songs for the final instalment of 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy and the soundtrack to the new film 'The Return of the King' will be released next week. You can hear the song 'Into The West' in its entirety at the fan site TheOneRing.Net as well as viewing behind the scenes footage of the production of the track. It is yet to be confirmed if the Into The West will be released as a single but it seems unlikely.

* UK viewers should be aware that Annie is appearing on the live music show 'Later...with Jools Holland' at 11.35pm on BBC2 tonight. Although all performances are live, Annie actually recorded three songs earlier this week. The tracks included Pavement Cracks, Wonderful from Bare and Walking on Broken Glass from her Diva album. She was also interviewed on piano by Jools where she talking about her inspiration and her work with Dave Stewart. (Thanks to Steve from the Eurythmics list for this info).

* Thanks to everyone who sent fan condolences to me (see 26.09 news). I have since been contacted by Annie's management and informed that she did receive our package. Annie sends her love to everyone involved.

* Annie recently contributed to a recipe book - the proceeds from which will go towards 'The Chicken Shed Theatre' who provide theatre workshops for children and young people. Her recipe incidentally, was for 'Banana and Roasted Hazelnut Cake'. You can order yourself a copy here. (source


* Regarding the parcel that I sent to Annie's management (see photo), concerning fan condolences, I spoke to a representative from 19 today, and he assured me that Annie will definitely receive the package next week. Thanks to everyone who sent in well wishes. I made sure every one that was sent prior to the 16th of September was included.

* It has now been confirmed that the Eurythmics back catalogue of albums will be remastered along with bonus tracks of rare remixes, extended versions from single (12 and 7") releases and previously unreleased material.

The only exclusion will be the sound track 1984. The release date for the remasters is yet to be confirmed but will be posted here soon. The tracks (along with the original track lists - see discography section), will be as follows :

In The Garden:
Le Sinistre (Never Gonna Cry Again 7")
Heartbeat Heartbeat (Belinda 7")
Never Gonna Cry Again (Live) (Never Gonna Cry Again 12")
4/4 In Leather (Live) (This Is The House 12")
Take Me To Your Heart (Live) (This Is The House 12")

Sweet Dreams:
Home Is Where The Heart Is (This Is The House 7")
Monkey Monkey (Love Is A Stranger 7")
Baby's Gone Blue (Sweet Dreams 12"))
Sweet Dreams (Hot Remix) (Sweet Dreams '91 12")
Love Is A Stranger (Coldcut Remix) (Love Is A Stranger '91 12")
Satellite Of Love (Right By Your Side - Limited bonus promo cassette)

You Take Some Lentils And You Take Some Rice (Who's That Girl? 7")
ABC (Freeform) (Who's That Girl? 12")
Plus Something Else (Right By Your Side 12")
Paint a rumour (long version) (Here Comes The Rain Again 12")
Who's That Girl? (Live) (Miracle Of Love 12")
Here Comes The Rain Again (Live) (previously unreleased)
Fame (previously unreleased)

Be Yourself Tonight
Grown up girls (There must be an angel 7")
Tous Les Garcons et les Filles (It's Alright 12")
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (ET mix) (Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves 12")
Would I Lie To You? (ET mix) (Would I Lie To You? 12")
Conditioned Soul (Live) (previously unreleased)
Hello I Love You (previously unreleased)

When Tomorrow Comes (Extended version) (When Tomorrow Comes 12")
Thorn In My Side (Extended version) (Thorn In My Side 12")
Missionary Man (Extended version) (Missionary man 12")
When Tomorrow Comes (Acoustic version) (previously unreleased)
Revenge 2 (Rooftops soundtrack)
My Guy (previously unreleased)

Beethoven (Extended Philarmonic Version) (Beethoven 12")
Shame (Dance mix) (Shame 12")
I Need A Man (Macho mix) (I need a man 12")
I Need You (Live) (previously unreleased)
Come Together (previously unreleased)

We Too Are One
Precious (Revival 7")
See no evil (The King & Queen of America 7")
The King & Queen of America (Dance remix) (The King & Queen of America 12")
Angel (Choir version) (Angel 12")
Last Night I Dreamt (previously unreleased)

Beautiful Child (Acoustic version) (previously unreleased)
17 Again (Acoustic version) (previously unreleased)
I Saved The World Today (Acoustic version) (previously unreleased)
Something In The Air Tonight (previously unreleased)

(A special thanks to Ino Hillert of for compiling this extensive list).


Annie Lennox recently performed the tracks 'Little Bird' from the album Diva and 'Wonderful' from her latest release Bare - on the BBC's acclaimed interview show - Parkinson. There was no interview unfortunately, but an important tidbit of information was revealed. According to Michael Parkinson, Wonderful will be the next single release from Bare. More news on this, and the territories that apply soon. For more photos from the show, click here.


The Sunday Mail today reported the very sad news that Annie's mother, Dorothy, has died. According to the article, Annie was at her mum's bedside, when she passed away from an undisclosed illness. Annie's aunt, Jean Oates, said yesterday: 'We are all devastated to lose a very loyal, very hard-working, very sincere and very loving sister-in-law. It has come as a bit of a shock to all of us. She was always a very healthy person but unfortunately she became ill.'

Annie lost her dad, then aged 61, from a long illness in 1986. It goes without saying that the thoughts of all of Annie's fans throughout the world go out to herself, close family and friends.

I plan to send a card offering well wishes, so if you would like me to feature your own message (from wherever you are in the world), I will make sure it is included. Send your message . Please include obvious details such as your name, and where you come from. Thankyou.


BMG recently confirmed that the entire album back catalogue of the Eurythmics will be remastered and re-released for an October 13th release. Each album will contain bonus tracks that were previously unreleased. The digi-pack style packaging will also include alternative art work to the original long players.


* The Bare track 'Pavement Cracks' is to get a US only release on September 9th. The track listing will be as follows.

1. Mac Quayle Extended mix
2. Goldtrix Club mix
3. The Scumfrog Club mix
4. Gabriel & Dresden Club mix
5. Shanghai Surprise Club mix
6. Original version

No video has been confirmed nor further single releases for other territories. The original plan was to release 'A Thousand Beautiful Things', but this release has since been cancelled.

There are however, 12 inch promo releases of the song doing the rounds on the club circuit at the moment which include the tracks ; * Gabriel & Dresden Techfunk Mix / Bimbo Jones Stealth Mix / Bimbo Jones Stealth Dub & * Blu Mar Ten Vocal / Blu Mar Ten Dub / Squint Remix / Chamber Remix. 'Pavement Cracks' has also been remixed featuring Goldtrix dub and extended vocals and released as a promo on 12 inch vinyl format.

* Annie Lennox recently made an appearance on the BBC Radio 2's Ken Bruce show. She picked 10 of her favourite tracks. They included the eclectic mix of The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar, Alicia Keys - Fallin', Destiny's Child - Bills Bills Bills, The Beatles - I Am The Walrus, Otis Redding - (Sittin on) The Dock Of The Bay, Aretha Franklin - Respect, Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry, Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell and Sinead O'Connor with Nothing Compares To You (in no particular order!).

* Annie Lennox's superb new album 'Bare' has been selling well throughout the world with first week debuts including the UK (No.3), US (No.4), Germany (No 5), Hong Kong (No.5), Denmark (No.13), Norway, (No.16), Austria (No.20), Sweden (No.29), France (No.34), Ireland (No.34).

* Annie has also been promoting the album worldwide with a notable appearance on the UK's TOTP 2 special in which she sang a collection of her old and very latest songs. Elsewhere in Europe, she performed 'A 1000 beautiful things' for the fashion show 'Woman Under The Stars' by Donna Sotto Le Stelle in Rome. She also performed an exclusive concert for Radio 2 listeners and you can listen to it at the official website at Captures from the TOTP show will appear on the site in due course.

In the US, Annie appeared on David Letterman and performed three tracks on the Today show in June.

Annie Lennox opened her first ever photo exhibition in the Spike Gallery on 20th Street, New York in June. The gallery featured the photos from the cover and sleeve of the album with photos taken entirely by herself and her friend Allan Martin.

A recent interview with Radio DJ Andrew Denton (click here) revealed that Annie is going to do the title track for the last instalment of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. She said "I was asked if I would like to sing the title track for the next 'Lord of the Rings' film, which looks like that's going to happen. I was working in the studio with them a couple of days ago and that's a little different thing for me to do." More news on this exciting project very soon.


I have added a new Bare album and tour mini-site which you can access here (opens new window). This will feature all of the details related to Annie's upcoming solo release.

17.03.03 - LIVE TOUR DATES

Below is a list of the dates confirmed for Annie's upcoming tour of the the US, Canada, and Europe. Tickets for *all* of these concerts are yet to go on sale but keep returning to this page for any additions or alterations to the existing list.

I shall also be linking to ticket sites as and when sales are confirmed for each venue. Otherwise, I will indicate in brackets the date that the tickets are planned for sale.

Remember also that there are alternative means of purchasing tickets so do your own research. The German dates for example, have at least two or three websites you can purchase tickets from.

Links are supplied for more information. See starred dates below for further comment.

*** Ring: 212 531-5305 & 212 665-1756 for more info.

** Ring: 020 7863 8011 to order tickets. Amy Winehouse to support.

* The Toronto show will be filmed.

26.03.03 Miami, Florida, USA, Gusman Cultural Center
28.03.03 Tampa, Florida, USA, Tampa Theatre
30.03.03 Atlanta, USA, Woodruff Arts Center
01.04.03 Chicago, USA, Shubert Theatre
02.04.03 Detroit, USA, Scot. Rite Cathedral Theatre
04.04.03 Toronto, Canada, Center For The Arts *
07.04.03 Montreal, Canada, St. Denis Theatre
09.04.03 Boston, USA, Wilbur Theatre (21/03)
14.04.03 New York, USA, The Apollo (20?)/3) ***
15.04.03 Washington, USA, National Theatre
17.04.03 Nashville, USA, Ryman Auditorium
19.04.03 Dallas, USA, MacFarlin Auditorium
20.04.03 Houston, USA, Jones Hall
23.04.03 Denver/Boulder, USA, Macky Auditorium
25.04.03 San Diego, USA, Copley Symphony
27.04.03 Phoenix, USA, Gammage Auditorium
29.04.03 Los Angeles, USA, Royce Hall (here soon)
30.04.03 San Francisco, USA, The Orpheum

12.05.03 Hamburg, Germany, Musikhalle
13.05.03 Berlin, Germany, Tempodrom
15.05.03 Frankfurt, Germany, Alte Oper
16.05.03 Munich, Germany, Philharmonie
19.05.03 Milan, Italy, Teatro Smeraldo
20.05.03 Rome, Italy, Auditorium di via Della
22.05.03 Vienna, Austria, Stadthalle
23.05.03 Zurich, Switzerland, Kongresshaus
26.05.03 Paris, France, Grand Rex
27.05.03 Cologne, Germany, Philharmonie
29.05.03 Copenhagan, Denmark, Falconér Salen
30.05.03 Stockholm, Sweden, Annexet
01.06.03 Antwerp, Belgium, Queen Elizabeth Hall
02.06.03 Amsterdam, Netherlands, RAI
06.06.03 London, England, Sadlers Wells Theatre **
07.06.03 London, England, Sadlers Wells Theatre **

In other news, some track titles from Annie's upcoming solo album Bare (see below) have been released. They include :

- The Saddest Song
- Hurting Time
- Pavement Cracks

The songs 'Oh God' and 'A Thousand Beautiful Things' are yet to be confirmed (among others). (source : Billboard).


A news release from BMG (Switzerland), today confirmed that Annie's new album will be titled Bare. The CD ships worldwide on June 9th, except in the U.S, where it will be in stores June 10th. After "Diva" and "Medusa," "Bare" is the artists third solo release. Worldwide sales of the two predecessor albums totaled more than twelve million copies. The new album was recorded in London, and, like "Diva" and "Medusa," was produced by Steve Lipson. He has described "Bare" as a "truly career defining album. Her best yet...". (source:Christoph Aebi).

* The Zurich concert on May 23rd was also mentioned in the news release, with details of where to obtain tickets (see below). This further suggests that the concert will go ahead although the ticket facility is still unavailable.


According to Annie's management, the concert that was scheduled for Zurich (information below) for May 23rd, has been temporarily put on hold - by at least another week. Tickets were indeed available for purchase, but the facility has now been withdrawn. I know of one person who bought front row seats, so it remains to be seen how this will be affected. More information on the situation will be posted soon.


Annie Lennox is to perform live in Zurich, on Friday 23rd May, 2003, at the 'Kongresshaus' - a 1700 seat venue in Switzerland. At the moment, very little is known about the performance, whether or not it is a 'one off' concert or the start of a tour. More likely the former, but more news will follow as and when I receive it. (source:Christoph Aebi).


* You can now pre-order Annie's new album at (among others), with a release date pencilled in for early June. The name of the long-player, tentatively titled 'Bare' in earlier reports, has yet to be confirmed by management.

* Mojo magazine (UK) recently reported that "BMG are planning to upgrade and remaster the Eurythmics catalogue this year." This suggests that the long awaited Eurythmics collection of previously unreleased material may yet see the light of day. To begin with, Eurythmics' first album 'In The Garden' was remastered and re-released on Jan 22nd in the US.

* The Japan Times have reported that an art exhibition in Osaka, Japan, features a work by artist Candice Breitz. Why is this relevant? Well, the piece "From Four Duets: Double Annie" shows pop diva Annie Lennox in either a duel or a duet with herself on two opposing TV screens. The viewer stands in the middle and the two screens battle for attention. The author suggest "It's like you're being harassed and you wonder if art is allowed to do that". Another piece "Double Karen" dedicated to Karen Carpenter, sees the singer in the same set-up as Annie (see pic above right). From one TV she repeats "You make" and from the other she sings "Me." Is it "You make me," or "Me you make?." "Do fans make pop stars, or are fans made by pop stars in that we define ourselves by who and what we listen to? And can we ask the same questions of art?" - the feature asks. [A Perspective on Contemporary Art: Continuity/Transgression" runs till March 23rd at the National Museum of Art, Osaka in Japan. Picture source THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ART, OSAKA via japantimes official website.]

* British newspaper The Daily Mail (see pic right) reported on Annie Lennox's weight in a recent edition. The feature contained nothing but speculation and re-hashed, unrelated information from her past, and should therefore be read with caution. Management confirm that Annie is in fact, very well, and looking forward to the release of her new album.

* According to the New York Post, rumours are the two music heavyweights; Arista Records' L.A. Reid and "American Idol" producer Simon Fuller, are fighting it out for Arista recording artist Lennox. Watch this space. It all sounds very confusing, but you can read the article (two thirds down the page) at


* recently confirmed the exciting news from Annie's management that her new album is to be titled 'Bare' and should be released in June of 2003. Of course, this is all subject to change, but it's the most concrete news we've received so far. Unfortunately a new track titled "1000 Beautiful Things" has already been leaked on to the net, but I urge fans not to download it, as it is not an official release and is therefore incomplete. Annie is understandably, quite upset that such an act has occurred, although the source of the leak remains a mystery.

* Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr recently led an all-star tribute concert to George Harrison who died in November of last year. The event, which took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, had a string of stars in attendance including director Tim Burton and yes you've guessed it, Annie Lennox too, although she did not perform. (Source BBC).

* As previously stated, Annie Lennox received the prestigious 'Century' award for creative achievement at the Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on December 9th. Moby presented the award, although Annie was unable to attend in person, due to recording commitments. She sent a video message instead, which included the line "It will remain in my heart, in my mind, for years to come. Lots of love to you all. Thank you, once again."


* Annie Lennox recently attended the birthday of Dave Stewart on September 9th and most notably she sported an unusual look (see pic right). Fans should not be alarmed however, although it may look to some like Annie has unfeasibly fast growing hair, she was in fact wearing a wig. She wears similar wigs when she doesn't want to be spotted while out in public and as you can see, it works rather well.

* According to Dave Stewart, a new Eurythmics compilation is planned for 2003. The album will feature 2 CD's of exclusive and rare tracks spanning the band's career. Nothing specific is known about the release at present nor the tracks involved, but the news was leaked by - which also features an interview with Dave in which he comments on Annie's upcoming album.

* Musician Jimmy Cliff (left:source bbc) who has recently been working with Annie and Dave on his album Fantastic Plastic People (released 30th September), received a lifetime achievement award (presented by Annie) at the Mobos' on October 2nd. The awards celebrate black music in-particular, and you can view photos from the event here.

* On September 21st, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart and Jimmy Cliff joined a host of artists at the Brixton Academy for the 'Peace One Day - The Celebration' - a concert marking the UN International Day of Peace which backs global ceasefire and non-violent action.

* VH1 (UK) have this week been running the countdown of the top 100 women in music as voted for by 750 000 viewers. Madonna topped the poll - with Annie Lennox in 14th place on the list. You can view the full countdown at


* Annie Lennox put in a storming performance at the Queen's 50th Anniversary Jubilee Concert in London on June 3rd. She sang 'Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves' and later, 'Why'. Also on the bill were the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Ricky Martin and Paul McCartney - making up a diverse range of artists from several decades of music.

* The Daily Record reports that the Eurythmics, along with Oasis and U2 are to be the first to perform at the Marquee club in London. This will be to celebrate the re-opening of the venue which played host to the likes of the Rolling Stones and The Who in the sixties. Dave Stewart who's company 'Artist Network' owns the club, is friendly with both bands reports, so the gig could definately go ahead, although details are still sketchy.

* Annie is still working hard on her new album and rumours that she had stopped recording were false according to management. She is again working with producer Steve Lipson who worked wonders on her Diva and Medusa albums, along with having a major hand to play in the success of her Central Park concert in 1995. The album is due for release later on this year.

* Jimmy Cliff, who will be releasing his solo album later in the year has recently been collaborating with both Annie Lennox and Dave stewart on his record. A duet with Annie is planned for the album whilst Dave has written a number of tracks.

* Annie will receive a special award for her contribution to music - Billboard recently announced. The Billboard Century Award - the highest accolade awarded to an artist, celebrates 'distinguished creative achievement' and goes to artists who's body of work has not garnared the appropriate recognition it perhaps, deserves. Previous recipients include Joni Mitchell and George Harrison. Annie, who is only the 11th person to receive such an honour will attend the award ceremony in Las Vegas in December of this year.

0* In other news, a DVD version of the 1992 Tribute to Freddie Mercury is now available to buy. The event features a duet with Annie Lennox and David Bowie singing the Queen hit 'Under Pressure'.


* Annie pays tribute to her late friend Conny Plank in a new book titled (in English) 'Pop Culture 2002/2003'. Although the majority of the book is in German, her own article is in English. You can purchase it at online stores such as Amazon (pic right).



* It has been confirmed that Annie Lennox will be appearing at the Queen's Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace, London, on June 3rd. The concert will feature stars from five decades of music including Aretha Franklin, Cliff Richard, Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney.

The concert will be televised around the world so check listings closer to the time, but those from the UK can apply for a ticket online at and for further information go to the official site at Due to the limited number of tickets (around 14,000), the winners will be picked by ballot. The closing date for all applicants is March 17th.

* Annie recently submitted an article to The Observer newspaper in support of Amnesty International and specifically the plight of imprisoned musicologist - Ngawang Choephel. You can read her piece here.


* Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart have recently been holidaying in Jamaica and there are some nice shots of the pair (one of which shows them both posing with Bob Marley's mother), at Dave Stewart's own website at Incidentally, Dave Stewart has been confirmed to appear at the 'When Love Speaks' concert alongside Annie on Feb 10th in London (more details below) although the pair will not be under the guise of the 'Eurythmics'. (Picture copyright to

* UK viewers specifically (and those with access to BBC services) should watch out for an old performance by Annie on Top Of The Pops 2, showing on BBC2 at 5.20pm today. I'm told that she sings 'No More I Love You's' and the programme also confirms that she is currently working on new material - as previously reported.

* In related news, Will from Pop Idol (a UK show scouting for new musical talent) performed a highly original version of the Eurythmics' 'There Must Be An Angel' on last week's show. In his own interpretation, gone were the angelic highs of the original, replaced instead with slow, moody beats.


Annie Lennox has been confirmed along with others to appear on February 10th at the Old Vic in London - for a concert dedicated to the Shakespeare sonnets.

The live show is being held to promote the release of a new album composed by Michael Kamen titled "When Love Speaks" due for release on February 4th. You can find out more about the project at as well as hear a snippet of Annie's own track from Sonnets to Sundry Notes of Music - 5).

Many of the contributors to the CD including Des'ree, Alan Rickman & Richard Attenborough will appear at the concert along with one of Annie's old pals Mr Dave Stewart, who it is rumoured, will be joining Annie on-stage for her rendition of "Live With Me and Be My Love".

Tickets for the concert range in price from £9.50 to £45 and you can purchase these from


* In response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, a number of individuals (poets, activists, entertainers etc) including Annie Lennox, have contributed to an anthology titled "Voices For Peace". The book reflects upon and provokes continued discussion around the issues involved. "Their response to the tragedy is to call for creative, just ways to end the chain of violence". (Source : War Child) - of which all proceeds are donated. The book is available to buy now at online stores such as

* American music star Pink has just released her latest single titled 'Get the party started' and one of the two CD's features an interesting remix crossed with Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams - also featuring the rapping skills of Redman. Some folks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe have been unable to find the CD (pic right), suggesting a single CD release in some areas. However, in the days of the Internet, it should be easy to obtain it from online music stores such as HMV.

* An album of original Shakespeare sonnets, set to music composed by Michael Kamen is set for release in time for St Valentine's Day (reports suggest the 4th Feb) according to British press. Among the artists involved are Annie Lennox, Brian Ferry and actor Kenneth Branagh - who have all recorded tracks for the longplayer..

* On a sad note, Annie's grandfather died recently just short of his 100th birthday. My condolences go to the friends and family of the deceased. (Source : Louise, Scotland, originally reported in the Daily Mail).

* Another reminder that webmaster Ino Hillert, is organising the 2nd annual Eurythmics Fan Convention to be held this May in Dusseldorf, Germany. You can find out more information and sign up to the event at his website : click here.


Just a quick update today to wish Annie Lennox a happy 47th birthday! She was of course born on Christmas Day, 1954.

Best wishes also go out to all of the visitors to the site over the past year + keep the e-mails, comments etc coming. In the new year, we may even see some new material from Annie, so there's a lot to look forward to! If so, expect plenty of updates to this site! Keep coming back for any news! Merry Christmas.


19 Management have revealed that Annie is currently working on material for a new solo album.

Apparently she is in the process of writing and has already recorded some music. However, ever the perfectionist, unless it comes out to be something she is personally happy with, she won't release it.

It was also revealed that it is probable the Eurythmics will release material in the future, but at the moment, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox are concentrating on solo projects.

It is currently unknown when Annie's new material will emerge but rumours also suggest that renowned percussionist Trilok Gurtu will make an appearance on the record. Gurty has recently been working with Robert Miles as well as a host of jazz and world music practitioners.
(source : Mark/egroups)


Annie will be appearing on US channel 'Oxygen' tonight at 10pm (ET). The 90 minute programme titled "Women of the World Response to Crisis" offers a unique discussion from a female perspective and features a diverse group of prominent international women sharing their thoughts, reactions and fears in relation to the events of September 11th in America. Isabelle Allende - the writer and human rights activist, along with others, and an online/studio audience will share their views. (source : egroups/Yahoo).


* Most recently, Annie has become the patron of Aberdeen Cyrenians - a charity that opens doors for homeless people in Aberdeen by providing accommodation and support services, and by raising awareness of the issues that lead to and perpetuate homelessness.

* In other news, the track 'Don't Let It Bring You Down' which originally appeared on Annie's solo album 'Medusa' - will resurface on the soundtrack for the movie 'Serendipity' to be released in late September.

* Other tidbits relating to 'Sweet Dreams' include Kelis, who's been singing the Eurythmics song at recent concert dates.

Also, 'Sweet Dreams' was the title of a short film shown recently on the UK channel ITV1. The locally produced drama made in the North-east of England featured three Eurythmics tracks and focused on a woman reminiscing about her past, aided and accompanied by the music of Eurythmics.


* Annie Lennox has kindly donated an 8" x 10" black and white photo, a 'Peacetour' programme and 'Peace' CD all autographed by the Scottish songstress over at - an online auction site. All proceeds from this auction goes towards providing guide dogs and other mobility services to blind and partially sighted people in the UK.

* For those familiar with the 'Popstars' programme where members of the public audition to become popstars themselves in the form of a 'manufactured' group - well, Germany have their own version of the hit TV show and the first release from the all girl band 'No Angels' is a cover of the Eurythmics UK #1 hit 'There Must Be An Angel'. The song has just shot to the top of the charts so congratulations are in store!


Within the last few days Dave Stewart has got married to his long time girlfriend Anouska Fisz, who is also the mother of his 2 year old daughter Kaya. Guests at the wedding which took place on the French Riviera, included Annie Lennox, Elton John and the Gallagher brothers of Oasis. Click on the picture of the groom on the right for an enlarged view. (Source:Matrix). Ino Hillert, webmaster of has a guestbook that you can sign to congratulate the couple. View it here.


With reference to the news (30.06.01), the Stars In Their Eyes Final will be shown tonight on the UK channel ITV at 7.30pm. It features Belinda O'Hooley portraying Annie Lennox. Perhaps the real Annie will donate something to Belinda or send a video featuring a good luck message - such things have occured in the past on the programme so it's worth watching out for!


* At you can now order the official Fan Convention CDR containing lots of exclusive Eurythmics-related material made by fans for fans. This CDR is limited to only 99 copies and has an exclusive design.

Between 3.7. and 13.7. you'll have the chance to buy 1 of 3 (!) ever available hand-made, deluxe copies of this CD at ebay all of which are signed by the designer. This pretty issue is limited to 6 copies only, #1-3 go to Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart and Click on the pic right for an enlarged view.

All proceeds will go to the 2nd Fan Convention which will take place on the 11.05.2002 in Düsseldorf, Germany. You can visit the page here if you want to make a bid.

* A Scottish newspaper reported today that Annie Lennox has donated a postcard sized piece of artwork for charity to her home town of Aberdeen. The piece is in aid of cruelty against children and contains a picture of a small girl with the words "suffer the little children" written across it. Sold for £700 it is currently on display in Queen's Road Gallery in Aberdeen until the end of August. (Thanks Louise for this info!)

* In other news, the Daily Record newsaper reports of a new book featuring celebrities childhood memories. Annie is included speaking of her time in Aberdeen. She recalls skating at dangerous speed along icy roads while on her way to school. She recalls :- "A narrow back street on the way to school had the most fantastic slide imaginable, made of solid black ice. You could skate effortlessly over its treacherous path at death-defying speeds, risking life and limb for the sheer intoxication of the thrill. I can easily recall winter mornings after snow had fallen thickly through the previous night, transforming our grim tenement streets into a magical universe of sparkle freeze. In the pitch-black of the early hours, it seemed as if the whole world had come to a complete standstill. Muffled silently under deep snowdrifts, cars and buses lay abandoned. Families in rural farmhouses were marooned miles from anywhere. The thrill of it all was totally exhilarating."


This news is not related specifically to Annie Lennox herself, but I thought I would include it anyway. Tonight on the UK television programme 'Stars In Their Eyes' in which members of the public are made over as the artist they most resemble musically, 29 year old Belinda O'Hooley portrayed Annie Lennox. She sang 'Why' in a copy of Annie's outfit from the Summerstage concert in New York 1995. She won the show beating the likes of wannabes Adam Ant and Dolly Parten in the process! Of note though, is the fact that she goes on to the final and it is the norm for the actual artist to submit a message or item wishing the contestant good luck. Keep coming back to this message to find out when it's on.


On June 17th Annie made a visit to the Dutch Festival Mundial. Diana De Bruin from yahoo-groups reports that 'Annie made her appearance at 20:45 in the middle of the concert of the Senegalese artist Baaba Maal and that she asked the audience to send an SMS messages by mobile phone on behalf of Amnesty to protest the treatment of Ngawang Choepel (a Tibetan music teacher who's in prison)'.

She continues by saying that Annie did three 30 minute interviews (one for Amnesty, another for a national newspaper and the last for a local newspaper). However, Annie only answered questions relating to her work for Amnesty and Tibet - interviewers were told not to ask about her music.

Admission to the event was cheap at the Dutch equivalent of $3 US Dollars. Annie payed for all her own expenses asking for nothing from Amnesty or the organisers of the event.

Among other things, Annie did let slip however the following information... "Although I am working on a new album, today I'm talking about my political beliefs". Great news for us all - could new material be on its way? Early days but there's hope!

You can view pictures from the festival at Diana's site here.


* The new Annie Lennox biography written by Lucy Ellis and Bryony Sutherland is finally available to buy in the UK. The title which has been delayed several times this year, suddenly appeared in shops without warning. It is still unknown if the book is available to buy in Europe and the US but details will follow. Either way, you can order the title (with shipping Worldwide) at

* Yahoo groups poster Carlo has recently set up a web-page devoted to the rarest of Eurythmics videos 'Never Gonna Cry Again'. Using Quicktime 4 (or later) you can download the video to view in your browser here.


* My Scottish source Louise, has been in touch with me to say that The Sunday Mail reported that Annie is giving up touring to spend more time with her children. She intends to bring them up in a normal family setting (whatever that is). She is currently writing songs, but not for a new Eurythmics album. If they are any good, she says that she will use them, but whether this would be part of a solo album or material for other artists, remains to be seen.

* Both Annie and Dave presented Stevie Wonder with an award for his contribution to music at the recently held Ivor Novellos ceremony in London. Stevie famously presented the Eurythmics with a similar award at the 99 Brits - it seems they were returning the favour. UK viewers should watch out for the ceremony being shown this weekend on cable & satellite channel VH1. The channel has also been showing the 100 Greatest Videos show, as voted for by the American public, which includes the video Sweet Dreams (at #68 on the list).

* Yet another Annie donated item is up for sale at the Ebay online auction site. This time, a pair of genuine glasses as worn by Annie along with a tag and signed photograph. More than 80% of the proceeds of the winning bid will benefit the nonprofit 'Discovery Fund For Eye Research'.

* The 1st ever Eurythmics Fan Convention appears to have been a great success (more details in old news below). You can see photos from the event here. The event held in Dusseldorf, Germany, even had coverage in a local newspaper. Site webmaster and event organiser Ino, informs me that the official cdr can be now be ordered from and that media and articles concerning the convention will also be released soon.

* Composer Michael Kamen has recruited Annie Lennox, Bryan Ferry, Rufus Wainwright, Keb' Mo', Des'ree and Ladysmith Black Mambazo to perform songs he wrote using Shakespeare's sonnets as lyrics. Those tracks will be featured alongside actors reading other Shakespeare sonnets on a CD, due in the Autumn/Fall, with proceeds benefitting England's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. (Original Source : LA Times via Petra from Yahoo Clubs).


* Although it was recently reported that 'The Church' (the long time studio base of the Eurythmics) had been sold, this doesn't seem to be the case. The Daily Record has reported that Dave Stewart is to make a profit of around £1.5 million from the sale of the studios within 10 days from now. Annie and Dave originally paid £100 000 for the building but the likes of Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan have used the studios over the years, and this must have contributed to the increase in price. Those interested in buying the studios include Jon Bon Jovi, Bob Geldof, Moby, Suede, Reef, Sinead O'Connor, Patti Smith, Coldplay and Radiohead.


* Annie Lennox appeared in a small article in The Daily Mail newpaper today, revealing her alleged involvement in a boycott of Esso petrol stations. This week celebrities led by Bianca Jagger kick off Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth’s latest plans to help save the planet in relation to global warming. You can read more about the issue at the The Times website.
(Thanks to Louise in Scotland, for this tidbit of info!)

* The Annie Lennox Biography which has been reported on these news pages about a million times by now, has been put back again. A fan reported on a forum that ''legal problems'' were the cause of the delay. Another said that a phone call to the distributor revealed that a release was likely by the end of May. However, I wouldn't hold your breath.

* In VH1's recent poll of the Top 100 music videos, the 'panel of experts' listed Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams' at position #68. The top spot predictably went to Michael Jackson with his filmatic promo vid 'Thriller'.


* Annie is currently enjoying a holiday in Scotland according to the Daily Record newspaper. She has hired a barge boat on the Caledonian Canal for an estimated £10000 weekly sum. The 'Scottish Highlander' comes complete with crew and top chef, a champagne stocked bar, three luxury en-suite bedrooms and pushbikes for all the family (I think we all agree that Annie more than deserves it!).

* The Appleton sisters formerly of All Saints, will perform alongside Eurythmic Dave Stewart later this month in a concert in London to mark South Africa's Freedom Day. The annual event will take place for the seventh time on Sunday, April 29th in Trafalgar Square. Tickets for the gig are free and available on 0906 617 2904.

* Fellow Eurythmic Dave Stewart will also appear on the US based TNT special 'Come Together: A Tribute to John Lennon' in June.


* According to Scottish newspapers, Annie Lennox was recently spotted at the 'Women of Influence' event held in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 18th. Leading women in Scottish life who play important roles in areas such as the media, law, politics, academia, business and the arts came together in aid of the children's charity NCH. (Thanks to Louise for this tidbit of information!).

* The long awaited Annie Lennox Biography written by Lucy Ellis and Bryony Sutherland was expected to be out 31st March, after several slip ups, but it has been put back again. The publishers can't give an exact date for release, but it is expected to be sometime in April.

* Annie's song 'Train In Vain' appears on the soundtrack for the new Ashley Judd movie Someone Like You.

* In other recent news - The Church (the long time studio base of the Eurythmics) was sold. The new buyer is unknown, but the building will continue to be used as a recording studio - a condition of the sale.

* There is an Annie Lennox jacket up for auction at charity based site Last time I looked, the highest bid for the jacket worn by Annie on the Peace tour was up to £190.

* Dave Stewart has been a busy man lately. He was seen at the wedding of Uri Gellar as reported in Magazine Hello, with special best man Michael Jackson also attending. He has also been working with Natalie Imbruglia on her upcoming album and is helping to produce the Appleton sisters (formerly of All Saints). It is rumoured that their future single may be a cover version of the Eurythmics hit 'Who's That Girl?'.


According to British music magazine NME, Marianne Faithfull (left) is asking for big names to work on her next album. Ex Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan has been approached as well as Dave Stewart. The capabilities of Stewart have enabled him to work with a number of impressive names in the past - notably Aretha Franklin on her album Who's Zoomin Who? in 1985.

It was outlined previously (below) that the first Eurythmics fan convention is to be held this year. Ino, webmaster of and the organiser of the event has now confirmed that the event will take place on May 26th. For more information visit the site and you can also register from here.


* The long awaited Annie Lennox Biography by Lucy Ellis and Bryony Sutherland - which was recently planned for a January release, has now slipped back to March. More details will be given as they arrive.

* Annie Lennox has recently designed, produced and signed her own card for (PETA), an organization dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. The card (right) is currently up for auction here and is the most popular bid on offer. All proceeds from the event will go to charity. Last time I looked, the auction was up to $260 (£180) for Annie's own effort which is great news! Annie recently designed a plate for Fleetwoodowen (details downpage) which sold for £120. Her artistic flair also led to her work being one of the biggest sellers at that event.

* A close friend of Dave Stewart recently released a statement outlining the claims relating to Dave's health by a UK tabloid. The friend said "As ever, reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated and he does not have colitis. If he has lost 2 stone I haven't noticed it - he would be looking very unwell if he had". This is reasurring news for all fans.


Fellow webmaster Ino is planning the very first Eurythmics convention for all fans of the band! The event is yet to be scheduled but it will take place in Germany. For more information go to his website at


It has been reported in The Sun newspaper, that Dave Stewart has been flown to America to be treated for stomach ulcers. Alledgedly, the Eurythmics star is unable to eat and has lost two stone in weight.

Doctors suspect he could be suffering from colitis - an unpleasant disease which causes ulcers in the intestine. Colitis can lead to arthritis, liver disease and kidney stones. In 1996 Dave admitted he was suffering from Paradise Syndrome - a constant fear of being ill when nothing is wrong.

Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but I obviously wish Dave a speedy recovery.


UK viewers should be aware that tonight starting at 8pm on Channel 4 is the long awaited '100 Greatest #1 Singles' show. Presented by comedian Graham Norton (left), I know for a fact that 'There Must Be An Angel' is going to be included somewhere in the list so it's worth looking out for - not only for placement, but any extra tidbits of information. For more info, visit the official page. Overseas viewers can find out the results after the programme's transmission from the website itself.


'Eurythmics Greatest Hits' re-entered the UK album charts at #26 this week, which is a tremendous achievement when you consider it was released almost 10 years ago! It has now spent 118 weeks in the charts and certified 6x platinum.

Finally, for UK Viewers, make sure you catch the 'Arista 25 Concert' on Channel 4 tonight, at 11.30pm. The concert celebrates the Silver Anniversary of the record company which has been home to Annie Lennox, Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick (amongst others) over the years. I believe the programme (recorded in LA) features a performance from Annie singing 'Why' on piano.

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